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Make your life easier with Open Sesame

A smart phone app that can transform as many of your mobile devices into garage remotes, easily and securely.

Open Sesame Garage Door Opener 2nd Generation is a combination of two things: a tiny bluetooth box and a smart phone application that controls your garage door via a bluetooth box. For the price of a single regular garage remote, you can now have as many remotes as the smartphones in your household.

  • Super easy installation!
  • Super affordable!
  • No Wi-Fi/Internet necessary!
  • Pair as many smartphones as you like!
  • You can still use your original garage remote as you like!

How it Works

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Open Sesame is very safe and secure, giving you and only those you authorize access to your garage


  • Every Open Sesame device has a unique ID Code.
  • Every Open Sesame device is protected by a password that you can change, or reset if you forget.
  • Open Sesame will not work without pairing and pairing is not possible without the unique password.
  • If the password is wrongfully attempted more than 10 times, the Open Sesame connection feature will shut down for an adjustable period of time.
  • Making life easier with technology. That is the H&A goal.

    Hayrettin Yucel
    Hayrettin Yucel, Co-founder
  • Open Sesame is a simple yet very useful concept, turning as many mobile devices as you like into garage door openers.

    Ali Ozgun
    Ali Ozgun, Co-founder


Product Specifications


  • Communication: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery: 2 AA Batteries
  • Device Size: 2.5” X 1.75” x 13/16”
  • Box Size: 4” x 2” x 1.5”
  • Colors: Black only
  • Connectors: 2 connectors


Pioneers in Techcnology

Founded in 2011 as a software development company, H&A have found their niche in mobile application development, and more recently, hardware design as well. Their vision is to utilize the best that technology has to offer to make everyday life easier. Technology can do wonders in our lives, but is often confusing and inconvenient for the regular person. This is where H&A come to play designing and developing useful and user-friendly applications, they bring the best and latest in technology into your hands, ready and easy to use. To date, the applications developed by H&A have reached over 1.5 million in downloads!


Say goodbye to your garage door remote!


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If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact us at

How long does the battery last?

1-2 years depending on usage pattern. In our road map we are planning to use the power that's already there for the garage controller. Once that is done batteries will be optional.

What is the maximum number of mobile devices we can use with a single Open Sesame device?

There is no limit on the number of mobile devices that can be used with a single Open Sesame device. But at a given time, you can use only one smart phone to operate your garage door. If you want to be able to use multiple smart phones to open/close your garage door simultaneously, you need to install multiple Open Sesame devices on the same garage door controller.

Does connecting Open Sesame to the garage door controller disable your existing garage remotes?

No. You can keep using your original remotes as usual.

Can you pair more than one Open Sesame to your mobile device?

Yes. This helps if you have a multiple-door garage.

What is the maximum distance from which garage door can be operated?

100 feet.

Is Open Sesame Mobile App free?


How to pair additional smart phones to the Open Sesame device?

You can bring your phone close to your Open Sesame device and pair just like you paired it with the first mobile device. Also you can pair through an already paired mobile app.

I have more than one garage door for my garage. Can Open Sesame operate all?

Yes. You would have to pair a separate Open Sesame device for each garage door controller for that.

Does Open Sesame let me operate my garage door even when I am away from home via Internet?

You can operate your garage door only when you are in or around your home via bluetooth only. Open Sesame does not connect to Internet.

What happens if I replace my mobile device?

Please keep the QR code and Password. You can set up your new smart phone with this security information. Alternatively with mobile pairing you can use another existing mobile device to set it up. If you lose your QR code/password and do not have another paired phone reset device password.

Can Open Sesame tell me if my garage door is open or close?

At this point it does not. But we are considering adding this feature for future releases.

Will attaching Open Sesame to my garage door controller void its warranty?

No. Open Sesame acts like a 3rd party switch to your controller.

Is there a shipping cost?

Shipping is free within the United States. International shipment fees apply.

Which garage door controller manufacturers do you support?

Open Sesame Garage Door Opener is a generic solution that can be used with pretty much any garage door controller that has a wall switch or a console.

Life just got that bit easier!

iPhone Smartphone Garage Door Opener

Do you find it unendingly frustrating to have to use a traditional garage door remote? It is great when it works, but what about when you misplace it? Or don’t have it with you? What about when you need an extra remote – and the costs pile up?

Welcome to Open Sesame: a universal garage door opener app that converts your smartphone into a garage door remote.

This innovative new garage door app allows you and any number of people you choose to be able to open your garage door with a phone. No more fumbling or frustration; no more security concerns.

The Open Sesame Garage Door Opener is based on what is really a very simple but unique concept. It incorporates a smart phone application that communicates with a tiny Bluetooth box to open and close your garage door. Instead of purchasing numerous remote controls for your garage door, you simply convert as many smartphones as there are in your household into garage door remotes. It is affordable, easy to install, and requires no Wi-Fi or internet connection. And, should you wish to, you can continue to use your original, traditional remote control garage door opener as well.

With the Open Sesame garage opener app, you can pair as many smartphones with your garage door as you desire. Simply download the App from Google Play or the App Store. Following authentication and authorization of the device, you easily attach the device to the controller panel of your garage door control box. The just turn on your Bluetooth, and opening and closing your garage door is as simple as a tap of your finger on your smartphone.

Why invest in the Open Sesame Android and iPhone garage door opener?

  • Safe and Secure
  • Works with any garage door that has a wall switch or console
  • Each device has a unique QR Code and Password
  • Pay only for the device – the App is FREE
  • No limit on the number of mobile devices that can be paired with a single Open Sesame device
  • Keep using existing remotes as usual
  • Pair more than one device to your smartphone for multiple garage door opening
  • 100 foot range
  • No Wi-Fi or Internet required
  • Free Shipping for Open Sesame device within USA

Make your smartphone even smarter today with the Open Sesame remote garage door opener app. Contact us today to learn more and to purchase your very own garage door app for your smartphone – and never be locked out of your garage again.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at any time!