Android Garage Door Opener App


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product Imagine the convenience of being able to open and close your garage door without needing to carry a remote controller. Now you can – with the simple but innovative smartphone garage door opener Open Sesame.

Traditional garage door remotes rely on having annoying little devices that are easy to misplace, or codes which may or may not be secure. With the Open Sesame Android Garage Door Opener App, all you need is a small Bluetooth device that fits into your garage door control panel and a smartphone, and opening and closing your garage door is as easy as a tap on your smartphone touch screen.

Open Sesame is quick and easy to install, and can be synced across any number of smartphones you choose. It will even work in tandem with your existing, traditional garage door remote.

The Open Sesame app will work with both Android and iPhone smartphone technology. Free to download from Google Play or the App Store, you pay only for your Open Sesame Bluetooth device, which will be delivered to your door. Each separate garage door requires its own device, however as many devices as required can be synced to any phone. The system works with all remote controlled garage door models and offers an enhanced level of security for your convenience and peace of mind.

Never again feel the stress of a lost remote, a forgotten code, or being unsure of just who has access to your garage. With Open Sesame, your smartphone is the key to your garage each and every day.

Why invest in the Open Sesame Android and iPhone garage door opener?

  • Security guaranteed
  • Works with any modern garage door that has a console or wall switch
  • Each device has a unique QR Code
  • Each device has a unique password
  • Pay only for the device – the App is FREE
  • No limit on the number of mobile devices that can be paired with a single Open Sesame device
  • Pair more than one device to your smartphone for multiple garage door opening
  • 100 foot range
  • No Wi-Fi or Internet required
  • Keep using existing remotes as usual
  • Free Shipping for Open Sesame device within the USA