The evolution of the garage door

The evolution of the garage door

So where did humanity come up with the concept of automated garage doors?

The history of the garage door is something anyone seldom thinks about but its use and convenience in our everyday lives is unmistakable. Imagine not having your automated door, and instead having to manually lift your garage door each time you want to park? Or worse yet, imagine having a barn style room with big and heavy barn doors to keep your car. That’s right, in the early 1920’s, barns are where cars were kept!

The actual concept of a garage and garage door can be traced back to 450 BC when chariots were stored in gatehouses, but it wasn’t until the 20th century that the average person in America thought about these exterior rooms. As early as 1902, American manufacturers were designing “float over doors”, and in 1922 the first automated door was patented, using a simple spring system. However this posed many security and safety threats so, inspired by the bike chain, a motor and chain concept was designed.

By the 60’s, the concept of the garage door remote became very popular and everyone wanted in. The problem here was, a very simple binary system of about 5 codes was all that was available, so with a 1 in 5 chance that you and your neighbor had the same remote access, security was again an issue, not to mention confusing and annoying run-ins with your neighbors and their garage doors!

Eventually, the remote control codes were developed so that the chance of a same code was only 1 in 1000, and eventually to the roller code system currently utilized. Basically, ever time you use your garage door remote, a new code is generated so that security is rarely an issue.

And finally, arriving at the end of the garage door evolutionary road, the Open Sesame garage door remote arrives! Turning your mobile phone into a garage remote and utilizing Bluetooth rather than code, security has become optimal, while convenience and ease are everyday life!