Universal Garage Door Opener App


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product My Garage Opener is your one stop online shop for Open Sesame: a universal garage door opener app that cleverly but simply converts your smartphone into a convenient garage door remote. It allows you to close and open your garage door with a phone – and requires no Wi-Fi or internet connection to do so.

The Open Sesame Garage Door Opener incorporates a tiny Bluetooth box with a smart phone application. These communicate to create a remote garage door opener app to open and close your garage door with nothing more than a tap on your phone’s touch screen. You can convert as many smartphones as there are in your household into garage door remotes with this device and garage door app, making it a solution that is both affordable and easy to install. Additionally, you can keep using your original, traditional remote control garage door opener as well should you wish to.

You can pair as many smartphones with your garage door as you wish to with the Open Sesame garage opener app. The way it works is very straightforward. Just download the Open Sesame App from Google Play or the App Store. Following authentication and authorization of the Bluetooth device, attach the device to your garage door control box controller panel. Turn on your Bluetooth, and Open Sesame is all set.

Why Buy the Open Sesame Garage Door Opener App?

  • Enhance your home’s security
  • Convenient
  • Works with any garage door that has a wall switch or console
  • Keep using traditional remotes as usual
  • Each device has a unique QR Code and Password
  • Pay only for the device – the App is FREE
  • No limit on the number of mobile devices that can be paired with a single Open Sesame device
  • Pair more than one device to your smartphone for multiple garage door opening
  • Range = 100ft
  • No Wi-Fi or Internet required
  • Free Shipping for Open Sesame device within USA
  • Never again be locked out of your garage!

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